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What is cyber insurance?


Cyber insurance can help restore employee and customer identities, recover compromised data and repair damaged computers and networks, whether your business is the victim of a data breach, password attack, ransomware or phishing attack.

You could be at risk for a cyber attack. A staggering number of small and medium-sized organizations get attacked each year — many without the support of cyber insurance coverage. And if your systems or data are compromised, it can put you out of business or cause a significant financial loss.

Any business that stores data on a network is at risk for a cyber attack. Data privacy attacks now occur every 40 seconds in the U.S.

Without cyber insurance, you could be on the hook for state and federal fines and penalties, a forensic investigation, breach notification costs and even a class action or third-party lawsuit down the road — all hits on your balance sheet.

Cyber insurance covers the following first-party and post-breach expenses:

  • Privacy attorney

  • IT forensic investigation

  • Compliance with state notification laws

  • Credit monitoring for breached individuals

  • PR firm to manage the crisis

  • Regulatory fines

  • Class action lawsuits resulting from the breach


There is no standard cyber insurance policy that can be applied to every business, so having an experienced broker will be key to making sure you’re adequately insured.

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