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What is workers' compensation insurance?

Workers' compensation insurance protects employees and employers from liabilities associated with workplace injury and death. Workers’ compensation can provide medical care, disability, rehabilitation and survivor benefits to those injured or killed in work-related accidents. 

We’ll help you understand the applicable regulations and identify coverage options that reduce liability risks to your organization. You can meet your compliance requirements, lower your costs and still protect your employees the way they deserve.

Workers’ compensation insurance is required of all businesses in 49 states (Texas doesn’t mandate coverage) and the District of Columbia. In most states, you’ll need workers' compensation insurance as soon as you hire your first employee. In others, it’s mandated after a certain number of employees. Some states require businesses to purchase workers' compensation insurance from state-run funds, while others allow it to be purchased from private brokers and carriers.


While most businesses are required to retain workers' compensation insurance, limits and premium costs will vary, depending on the state, industry, how many employees you have and, of course, your business’ risk profile and claims history.

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