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Damage to cargo is a common occurrence and can halt business operations. Annual worldwide ocean cargo losses have exceeded $2.4 billion each year from 2007 to 2014.1 Damage can be due to rough handling, weather, improper loading or even atmospheric conditions. In 2014, 68% of the ocean cargo claims we saw were due to physical and water damage.

If you are buying or selling goods overseas, it's important to have the right insurance company helping to protect your interests. Travelers provides insurance solutions for importers, exporters, manufacturers, commodities traders and freight forwarders. We aim to simplify the process and help guide business owners through the complex and often confusing process of importing and exporting.

Who is this right for?

  • Importers

  • Exporters

  • Manufacturers

  • Commodities Traders

  • Freight Forwarders

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