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Inland Marine insurance provides protection for a business’ property that is mobile in nature or requires unique valuation. Coverage extends to property that is owned or in a business’ care related to construction, transportation, fine art and renewable energy.

Our strong focus on specialized segments gives us a deep understanding of their unique needs and associated risks. We offer a wide array of additional insurance offerings that stand alone or can complement our focused industry segment products. Other industries we serve include communications, manufacturing, municipalities, and specialized equipment.

Transportation, Cargo, Logistics

Protecting cargo shipments along their journey is key to successful deliveries.  Travelers offers protection for a range of businesses involved in managing and handling the transportation and storage of cargo.

Renewable Energy

We provide innovative coverage and product solutions that protect renewable energy investments and will evolve with the ever changing category.

Fine Art & Museums

People who manage collections have a passion for their objects. Travelers understands, and we offer unparalleled fine art coverage and services, whether it for a cultural institution, a large corporate collection or the dealers and galleries who represent this industry.

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