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Get back to work without breaking down

As many businesses shut down or scaled back production because of the COVID 19 pandemic, their equipment and facilities have been idle for weeks or months.

Open for business

Now, shops, restaurants, offices and other smaller businesses and institutions are preparing to resume or expand operations as conditions permit.

Staying safe

You’re likely focused on keeping your customers and employees safe, with new procedures, social distancing and carefully cleaning surfaces. But don’t forget your equipment.

Staying in business

It’s essential to take the proper steps to prevent equipment breakdowns and downtime before getting back to work. You can’t run your business without equipment.

Air Conditioning Failures

Air conditioning failures often occur when the system is started up. So, it’s critical to have professional trained HVAC personnel prepare you equipment for service.

Be careful when starting up

The start-up period is important for many other types of equipment, including machinery, boilers, exhaust and ventilation, and hot and cold-water systems.

Are your employees qualified?

Many companies furloughed employees and other employees won’t or can’t return. Make sure you have enough trained, experienced employees to properly restart and operate key equipment.

Don’t neglect cyber security

It’s important to revisit your cyber security, especially if your company has integrated new technologies like virtual meeting apps into your systems.

Update software and passwords

Update applications and install patches and software updates. Adopt multi-factor authentication for employees with remote access to your system, reset passwords, and make sure employees use long, complex passwords and phrases.

Watch out for cyber scams

Workers returning to the office may be overwhelmed by accumulated emails. Remind them to be wary of phishing schemes, phony emails and opening attachments from unfamiliar sources.

What’s ahead?

Phased re-openings and restrictions could make it difficult to get parts and service. It may take longer for contractors to respond and make repairs. When parts and contractors are available, businesses will compete for service and drive up costs.

Make sure you’re ready

Your business can’t afford an equipment breakdown.

Pay attention to your equipment when restarting operations. Make service arrangements with repair contractors in advance to minimize business interruption and make sure your employees know what to do and who to call should your equipment fail.

Source: HSB

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