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Here’s Why You Need Umbrella Coverage

WHAT is an Umbrella Policy?

Affordable peace-of-mind. Umbrella policies provide an additional layer of protection to your existing liability coverage. It protects you in case the big stuff happens. And it does very cost-effectively.

WHY Do You Need It?

It’s smart business. 40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster. Of the 60% that reopen, 25% fail within the first year.

Safeguard your business & finances:

Increases Protection

Umbrella coverage gives you increased protection at a reasonable rate – it’s more cost effective than increasing limits.

Limits Exposure

Limits your exposure and liability –always good.

Expands Coverage

Covers things excluded in your regular policies – things you haven’t even thought of.


That all depends. If you’re in a major urban area, always go high. Hopefully, you’ll never need it. But if you do, it’s the difference between staying in business, or not.

WHEN Should You Get It?

Why wait? It’s generally the last piece of the insurance puzzle, since you can only get an Umbrella once you’ve got your other liability policies in place. Best timing: Right now. Or when you’re renewing your insurance. Call us!

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