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Keeping your home safe while you're away

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

There are different possible reasons for you to leave your house for a few days, and you shouldn’t forget to keep your home safety and security during those instances. It could be your out for a vacation, an important appointment, or some other purposes.

After all, you wouldn’t want any criminals to break inside your house and steal your valuables, and you don’t wish to leave your house prone to disasters too.

Make Your House Appear as if somebody is inside

Always remember that a house without anyone inside is compelling for burglars. After all, no one would stop them from stealing anything they want. Thus, remember these tips to make your house appear as if somebody is in.

  • Keep some pairs of slipper in front of your doors.

  • Consider installing automatic night lights, especially on your backyard. But don’t miss your living room and some bedrooms too.

  • Put your newspapers, magazines, yellow papers, and other subscriptions on hold, so they wouldn’t pile up in your mailbox.

  • A trusted person should also check your house every now and then, so he could remove unexpected emails. He can also observe if something is wrong with your house.

  • Have somebody to mow your lawn from time to time as well. This could prevent the grass from growing too tall.

  • Avoid posting about your vacation on social media sites while you’re away, and do it after you get back home. That could tell the criminals you’re away.

Secure Your Home with Certain Features and Steps

You should also consider investing in home security, so you can easily deter criminals from coming in. Moreover, remember some points to keep your home and your valuables intact.

  • Install cameras, alarms, motion-sensitive lights among some other security systems for your home safety. That could keep burglars away, or help you identify who the criminals are.

  • If you haven’t installed advance security systems yet, consider posting some stickers that advertise them. Put it on your gates, doors, and windows, so burglars would think you have it in your home.

  • If in case burglars successfully come in, give them a hard time in finding or taking your valuables. Keep your jewelry, mobile devices, cash and some other stuff in a safe.

  • Don’t do the mistake of leaving a hidden spare key. Burglars could probably find it.

Keep Your House away from Fire

Aside from securing your house from burglars, you should also keep it away from fire emergencies. Always remember to unplug all electrical devices and appliances, so it won’t cause any fires while you’re out.

It’s also best to install fire sprinklers or incorporate your fire alarms to your security system. After all, the best security systems have real-time notification features, so you can receive updates through your smartphones.

These are a few of the vital home safety and security tips, which you should take note while you are away. These could keep your home and valuables safe from criminals, and prevent fire disasters from burning down your property as well.

That way, you can have peace of mind as you enjoy, and have no worries upon arriving back home.

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